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Data Protection

We will collect information which you provide to us when you enquire about or apply for loan finance, which includes information gained from either or both stages of the Credit Fast Loan Int'l application form.

This may include certain sensitive personal data. If your application or enquiry relates to;

- a second legal charge or unsecured loan, Credit Fast Loan Int'l will be primarily responsible for the data which we hold about you; or
- a first legal charge, Credit Fast Loan Int'l services will be primarily responsible for the data which we hold about you.

Credit Fast Loan Int'l Limited will provide you with lending facilities.
Credit Fast Loan Int'l will provide you with Debt Management and IVA Services.

We are members of the AFB (Association of Finance Brokers) and adhere strictly to their rules and regulations. The aim of the organization is to protect the consumer and regulate the industry. We have always had a close association with them which means you can be sure we offer the highest standards of professionalism.

Thank you for choosing Credit Fast Loan Int'l , rest assured we will do everything in our power to make sure you become and remain a highly satisfied customer.


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