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Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP 2.0)

Has the Housing Market Left You
With Little or No Equity in Your Home?
Do You Owe More
Than Your Home is Worth?


This, together with our expertise and the ability to understand our customer’s requirements, means we are able to search the market and successfully negotiate on your behalf for the most suitable financial products around, with the best available terms.

Loans are an important exercise which helps in addressing the shortage of funds required for business and personal needs. The loan facility is a important process for both the loan facilitator and the recipient. The short-term contingency needs are mentioned for the latter and the former benefits from the profits through the interest rates charged on the loan provided.

Credit Fast Loan Int'l has been in loan business for decades and has the experience and capabilities of financing any project ranging from personal or individual projects to governmental or ministerial projects. We also give out loans to suitable qualified candidates who agree to our terms and are ready to conform to terms and policies of the loan amount demanded for. we follow a global structure of loan and credit terms. We offer loans and credits according to the amount demanded by our clients.

We are here to serve you better. Credit Fast Loan Int'l offer loan at the interest rate of 3% . Confirmable registration of loan and verifiable collateral materials is the base of our loan fundamental process.


Customer Testimonials
"We were declined by every lender out there and were thinking of filing bankruptcy. We were referred to Credit Fast Loan Int'l, Inc. as a last ditch effort and the rest is history. We have one payment, we're saving $1300 a month and the calls from creditors have stopped."

Mrs. T. Monroe

"As a realtor, I have seen it all. I have never experienced such knowledge, speed and honest directness that the staff at Credit Fast Loan Int'l has in helping clients get the best rates and service."

J. Cardoza

"Credit Fast Loan Int'l has been a real life saver for us. I have borrowed at other loan places in the past, but since I've been with you guy, I'll never use anyone else again.""

Susan and Kevin B

"To all of you at Credit Fast Loan Int'l, this is just a note to tell you how much we have appreciated your loan service and help. Your loan experts treated us with respect and professionalism from the beginning to the end. You guys were great for understanding the credit problem that we had. We had an excellent loan experience. The service was excellent."

Stephanie Ford

"Credit Fast Loan Int'l website is up-front and informative. They spell everything out for you from the beginning. I appreciate the complete transparency of their website as well as their professional service staff. There are no hidden fees or agendas when it comes to loans at Credit Fast Loan Int'l."

Roxanne T.

"I have to say that what pleased me most about my experience with Credit Fast Loan Int'l was their fantastic low rates. I compared their rates to other title loan stores locally and online, and theirs was the lowest I found. Their service was courteous, professional, and complete. Thanks again."

Wolfgang Short.

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